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Premium Hockey Team Stats with Puck-StatTM

Hockey Premium Team Stats

Premium Custom Version, No Ads, Display Stats on Your Website

The Puck-StatTM Premium Version includes all the same great hockey player stats and hockey team stats, without the ads running on the sides and top of the pages (such as those above, to the left, and below). The pages can be included within your own website simply by adding a simple line of code to any page on your website.

  • Complete hockey statistics online
  • No software install needed!
  • Track individual stats, Scoring, Goal Tending
  • Track combined team hockey statistics
  • Set the minutes for GA Avg calculation
  • Free system updates and upgrades
  • View reports of statistical leaders in sorted order
  • Annual License of $150

How does Puck-StatTM Premium work?

Puck-StatTM Premium is a 100% web-based Hockey stats application so that you never need to download any software. One simple line of code, added to any page on your website, will give you the complete Puck-StatTM Premium packages, available from within your own website.

How do I get started with Puck-StatTM Premium?

Contact us at coach@puck-stat.com and we will help you get started. It only takes a few minutes to include the code to get your stats on your site.

Can we brand Puck-StatTM Premium with our team colors and logo?

Yes, you can upload and your team logo with Puck-StatTM Premium and the pages are displayed within you own website.

Who is Puck-StatTM Premium designed for?

Puck-StatTM Premium was built to suit the needs of collegiate level hockey programs such as NCAA, NAIA, and Junior College teams.

Does Puck-StatTM Premium work with WordPress sites?

Yes, Puck-StatTM Premium can be included and used within a WordPress site, or other content management systems. Some of these systems require a slightly more technical impelementation process, but we've done this for many websites and we can either walk you through it or do the implementation for you (at no additional cost).

Full instructions on entering and managing your hockey team stats can be found by clicking the Help menu selection or using the hockey statistics help blog.
Puck-Stat Online is a Trademark of Netnotic Marketing Inc. and is intended for use in managing hockey team stats.