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Multi-Team Stats with Puck-StatTM

Multi Team Hockey Statistics

Multi-Team Reports

Our Multi-Team reports aggregate the stats of all players from multiple teams, such as a league or a tournemant. Players stats are recorded as you normally would, by setting up a team in Puck-Stat and tracking their stats. Add the username (email) and password for each team to your multiple user list and you will be able to see stats for all players. Stats are tracked by player names so all players with exactly the same first name/last name combination will have their stats pooled as one player. If you have multiple players with the exact same name, and do not want their stats pooled together, add an initial or a number to a player name to make their name unique.

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You are not set up for multiple users.

Add Another Team

You need to have the team email (used as the username) and the password to access stats from multiple team files.


Full instructions on entering and managing your hockey team stats can be found by clicking the Help menu selection.
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