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Puck-Stat Quick Start

Once you register to the Puck Stat for free hockey stats, it is almost ready to go right away. During registration, you will have supplied your hockey team name as well as other important information to set up your account.

As a quick start, we suggests that you follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. Team Information
  2. Login Details for Stats Keeper
  3. Login Details for Parents/Fans
  4. Add Roster
  5. Add Schedule

Team Information

Congratulations, Step 1 is already done. When you registered for Puck-Stat you supplied the necessary team information and your account is already set up and ready to use.

Login Details for Stats Keepers

Record your login details for future reference. If you are going to hand off the stats keeping to another person, make sure you provide them the email and password you used when you set up the account. You do not need seperate login accounts and multiple people can be logged in at once to manage the stats, although we recommend only one person actually be the stats keeper.

Login Details for Parents/Fans

Puck-Stat offers a View-Only option so that parents, players, and fans can view the team and players stats, without having the ability to make changes. To access the View Only stats, there is a link on the main page, appropriately titled View Only Access. Simply enter the email address used when setting up the account and users will have access to view the stats and other useful information provided on the team stats site. Users do not need a password to view the site and multiple users can view simultaneously. We recommend providing this View Only access information to all your players/parents early so they get used to using the Puck-Stat site to view the stats, schedule, etc. which will reduce the number of requests directly to your stats keeper.

Add Roster

As soon as possible, add your roster to the Puck-Stat system, nicluding any affiliated players. There is no limit to the number of skaters or the number of goalies that your team can have. On Puck-Stat, you can upload player pictures and add player details to a Player Profile. From the main menu, select View Skaters or View Goalies. Then select an individual player from the stats list by clicking on their first name. You will see their player profile page. You may not have all this information available at the start of the season.

Add Schedule

To reduce the number of emails and phone calls to you or your team manager, post you schedule, including practices, as soon as possible. If players and parents get in the habit of using the online resource, you will not have to field as many inquiries. As your schedule changes, make sure you make changes/additions to the schedule posted on Puck-Stat.

More Help

Additional detailed help information is available at www.puck-stat.com/help.php

Puck-Stat Custom Versions

Puck-Stat is available in custom versions and can be imported into your own website. Custom versions do not have advertising displayed alongside the hockey stats and can be branded to your team or school. If you would like more information, just send an email to coach@puck-stat.com and we can get started.

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Full instructions on entering and managing your hockey team stats can be found by clicking the Help menu selection.
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